The Needless Squabbles Between State Governments, Security Agencies

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The Needless Squabbles Between State Governments, Security Agencies

Recently there have been disagreements and outright accusations flying to and from between the Rivers State and the security agencies in the state at the expense of the constitutional responsibility of securing lives and properties of citizens by state governors. The allegations against the police, military and other agencies have been generic and grave.


The state governor, Nyesom Wike has accused the state police commissioner, Zaki Ahmed of being on a mission to eliminate him,  an assignment, the governor claimed was given by the inspector general of police, Abubakar Idris. He has also continued to launch tirades against the special anti robbery squad (SARS) and its commander in the state, Akin Fakorede for being an agent of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and being on a mission to cause chaos in the state by aiding and abetting criminality.

These allegations have continued unabated though the police has severally denied the allegations, describing them as baseless and unfounded. It has berated the governor for making it a pastime to denigrate the police and distract it from it duties.

Unfortunately, while these unnecessary squabbles between the state government and the police continue unabated criminals have taken advantage of the situation to unleash mayhem on different parts of the state. Kidnappings, armed robbery and other forms of criminality have become the order of the day in Rivers State. Several communities across the state can no longer sleep with two eyes closed. Thousands of lives have been lost to this state of anomie thriving in the state.

At the moment several waterways and sea routes including the highly economically viable Bonny River have been rendered death traps due to the activities of daredevil season pirates. Not only have the security agencies turned a blind eye to the precarious drama, consequently emboldening the hoodlums, the casualty figures have continued to rise. 

It is imperative the unfathomable and far-reaching implications of this unfolding debacle is properly articulated and an evaluation of what of the spiralling effects would be not only for the state but neighbouring states and the country as a whole. While we deem the disagreements between the state government and the police as unnecessary, it is also important to point out that the unfortunate victims of these exchanges remains the people whose safety and security are continuously undermined by criminals.

There should be a synergy between the security agencies and the state governors who are the chief security officers of their respective states. Where there exist any form of misunderstanding between them efforts should be made to amicably resolve them in order to sustain the climate of security across the state. Always the overarching consideration should be to ensure that the citizens continue to enjoy their constitutionally guaranteed right to life and the pursuit of their individual and collective aspirations without let or hindrance.

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