Your Name Rings A Bell

Your Name Rings A Bell

“Let not my lord, I pray thee regard this man of Belial, even Nabal: for as his name is, so is he; Nabal is his name, and folly is with him, but I thine handmaid saw not the young men of my lord whom thou didst send.”

(1 SAMUEL 25 vs.25)

As his name is, that is exactly how he is. Never ever think that you will be greater than your name in this life. From the day they gave you the name, from that day something was downloaded into your life and future. Everyone that evil forces are using his name first or family name to bring him down, the fire of God shall destroy them today.

You cannot have more than what your name gives you. That is why before Jesus was born, while his mother was not yet pregnant, the angel Gabriel said to her, you are going to deliver a child, but you and your husband will not name the child, there is a name already - He shall be called Jesus, because he shall be the saviour of the world. Your name is what you shall be. You do not need to change your name, the purpose of this message is that, if your name is a good name and you are not enjoying the benefit of that name, we shall release you to begin to enjoy the benefits of that name, and if your name carries evil spell by the anointing  in this message shall break the curses and the covenant in it.

You have never enjoyed your life like you are going to enjoy after reading this message. You have never seen breakthrough like you will see after this message. Something is about to happen to you. Do you know since you were born, how many times they have called your name? May be a million times or more, do you know that consciously or unconsciously you respond to your name? Even God responds to His name; “call upon my name” “he that called upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. “If you call upon me in the day of your trouble, I shall answer you, I shall deliver you and show you my salvation, and thou shall glorify me”, Psalm 50:15. So even God himself is subject to quick impulsive response to His name. Every time they call you, you must turn. Your name is a coded password to your destiny. That is why when Jesus was resurrecting Lazarus, he did not say  “that boy” come out, he did not say “dead man come out”, because if he says that 50 dead men will rise, so Jesus has to specify “Lazarus come forth”, because there were many who were there. Do you know how Bartimaeus got Jesus? Everybody was saying help me, Lord help me! Bartimaeus called Jesus by his local name “Jesus thou son of David have mercy on me” (Mark 10:46). And the Bible says he stood still. He called by his first name and he called him by his surname. Do you know you have a first name, do you know you have a surname? “For Jacob my servant's sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name; I have surnamed thee, thou hast not known me ( Isaiah 45:4). Everybody has a name and everyone has a surname. Today we shall do something about your surname. Every demonic power, every evil that surrounds your name by the blood of Jesus be delivered. “For God has given him a name that is above every other name… (Phil. 2:8). How did God exalt him, by giving him a name, which means that your name is a point of contact to your exaltation and promotion. What did God say to Abraham? “Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house unto a land that I will show thee, and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name great and thou shall be a blessing (Gen. 12:1&2). So Abraham cannot have a great nation if he does not have a great name. The Bible says a good name is better than precious ointment. There are some of you here, when your name appears in a list of 30 people, they skip your name but from today anywhere your name appears, you name shall be selected, nominated, promoted and accepted.

There is something about a name, “And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air, and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them, and whatsoever Adam called every creature that was the name thereof (Gen. 2:19). God gave Adam the power to name them. Every name the enemy gave to you I command it to be changed. Every name your doctor gave to you I command it to be changed right now, every name that witches and wizards gave to you, I command it changed. The Bible says whatsoever Adam called, that was the name. Is there anybody here that does not have a name? It is your name that represents you.

Seven Things Your Name Helps Me To Diagnose

As soon as I hear your name, I can tell you where you come from. Your name helps to tell your nativity and nationality.

Your name helps me to know your religion: Mohammadu Abdulahi Ahmed, where does he worship? Christian Wilfred Edward, where does he worship?

Your name tells me the language you speak.

Your name tells me whether you are a woman or a man; if you are Daniel you are a man, if you are Daniela, you are a woman. I do not need to see you, I just need to know your name.

Your name tells me the history of your life and the circumstance of your birth. When once you answer “Ekong”, it means your village was fighting a war when you were born. When you answer Ndifreke, it means your mother had labour for three days that is why “she will never forget you”,

Your name gives me your family genealogy, especially your surname. Your name tells me of your family history. In Matthew chapter 1, the family of Jesus took a full page of the Bible. Jesus the son of David, the son of Jesse, the son of …. The Bible took time to explain the geneology of Jesus Christ. You cannot do a complete deliverance of a man if you do not know his family history.

Your name carries a blessing or a curse. Every curse upon your name is destroyed in Jesus name. Say this with me, every blessing my name is supposed to carry I invoke it upon my life now in Jesus name. Some of you, your name is joy, but you have never been happy. The Devil is making you to have a contradiction of your name. Some of you your name is victor but you have never had any victory in your life.

Nabal means foolish man, he had prosperity but he was foolish. When you see a foolish rich man, he buys what he does not need, that is what the wife says, “please David do not kill him, this man is suffering from the repercussion of his name”. Is there anybody who is suffering from the repercussion of his name? Maybe your first name or your family name, today by the authority I carry in the name of Jesus, I command that repercussion to be broken.

Jabez, the Bible says he grew up to discover that his name is Jabez, meaning sorrow. The Bible says he fought in prayer over the name (IChron. 4:9-10).

Your name is a prophecy that they prophesy on you, everyday. The name you carry is the name people call and address you. Where you live is your physical address, what you answer is your spiritual address. Your name is a spiritual password which can access your destiny. That is why great men in the Bible whom God wants to change their destiny he changes their names first.

One day Jacob was wrestling with an Angel (Gen.32: 26-29) and Jacob told the angel, you must bless me. Some of you are wrestling with God. “Jacob said, I want you to bless me”, the angel said to him you must change your name before I can bless you, and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel, because “thou art the Prince of God and thou has power with God and with men”. From today God is going to make a covenant with you, and the blessing you are looking for you will begin to see. Those that tie you down in their witchcraft coven they shall look for you but they shall not see you again. Those that call your name doing incantations, they shall look for you but they shall not see you. Those that destroy your womb with your name they shall look for you but they shall not see you again, those that tie your life and tie your finances, they shall look for you but they shall not see you again. Amen.

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