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My Role As Mammy Water Reminds Me Of Battles On Earth –Actress

My Role As Mammy Water Reminds Me Of Battles On Earth –Actress

Delta state born upcoming Nollywood actress, Rose Stephen, in this interview with TNN entertainment, speaks on her acting career and her regular cast as a mermaid in movies.



You deserve to be crowned Nollywood most beautiful and consistent mermaid.

Jesus Christ, (laughs) you've started.

No, I mean, maybe in your other world

(Cuts in) Which other world? You see, that was the reason I hesitated the very first time I was cast for that role, thank God there is no award like that. (Laughs)

The thing is, the way you play this witch-mermaid; mammy-water is too real to be fake?

(Laughs) You won't kill me. It's an act, movie is acting, film trick, trying to expose reality by impersonating, that's all. Don't liken a role to anyone, Patience Osuokwo, the Susu we know, consistently plays the role of a heartless mother, wife, neighbour, in-law. Yet she is very beautiful inside, trust me. So many of us can fix ourselves into any character for the benefit of passing the message across.

And it suites perfectly

It's skill, talent, consistency, practice, seriousness, putting in your best. It's not you, but now it's you, that's all. It takes so much to do that. Even you can do better. Come-on, if we stop acting it, Nigeria will stop existing, these are realities, not Telemundo or Zee World, it's culture, life, happenings whether you believe it or not. 

So, what motivated you to accept the role in the first place?

They said I am good at it. I was auditioned and chosen. Acting as well as singing is one thing I can forfeit anything for. I can play any role especially if my director says you can do this or try it, I give it my best. That's why you said I'm best at all.

I have always been chosen (laughs), am sure you envy me. (Laughs) it keeps me spiritually alert, my pastor and church as well as my family prays for me, it reminds me of the battles on earth.

Why did you join the movie industry?

I am very talented, but most importantly, it's my own little way of evangelism. Acting, for me, is purpose fulfilled.

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