I Can Pose Half Nude If The Pay Is Good -Nembe Model

I Can Pose Half Nude If The Pay Is Good -Nembe Model

She is from Nembe, Bayelsa State. Some of her pictures are glamorous and some are very seductive. She told TNN in an interview that she does not mind posing half nude if the pay is good. But truth is, Magaret Mike likes crazy, sexy pictures.



Tell us about yourself

My name is Margret-Mary Ayebatari Ndaliki, also known as Margret Mike. I am from Nembe Bassambiri LGA in Bayelsa State. I am a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt. I studied Theatre Arts. I am a plus size model with El Glamorous Modeling agency in Port Harcourt Nigeria. I am also the CEO of Msquare Media.

Why did you develop interest in modelling?

My interest in modelling started when I saw a plus size modelling show; because at that time I was really chubby and I thought I would not be able to do it. Then I saw that programme on TV. It got my interest that I can do something like that. From that day on, I started learning how to pose for camera. Although, I love pictures a lot. It was like doing two things I love.

How was your first experience in the modelling contest?

It's not a modelling contest. Actually it's a photo shoot we did. I have not gone for a contest

Some of your pictures are actually very alluring and seductive

I love pictures because that flare of the camera, sound of the shutter of the lens. It gives me peace and joy to pose more for the camera. When I am in front of a camera I think time flies by and I won't even notice it. Yes you can say some of my pictures are alluring and seductive. I like trying new creative shoots. Be sexy and seductive is part of the feeling I get when I stand in front of a camera. It gives me the feeling that I can do anything. And still be sexy

When you pose in seductive moods, how does it attract the menfolk to you?

My intention of posing sexy or seductive for the camera don't have anything to do with the men folk. It's a way to show myself that I am more than an original girl, that I can be sexy and also can decide not to be sexy.

And yes, most of my fans are the men folks. So I guess they kind of like my pictures

Can you pose nude or half naked in front of the camera is the amount is good?

I can't do nude. Even if the amount is good. Half naked yes it can happen. As far as am not nude

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