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OneCoin Cryptocurrency Soon To Rule The World

OneCoin is a Cryptocurrency. A Cryptocurrency simply is digital currency, that is, an internet currency made of series of numbers and alphabets like the code we see on our bank notes. A Cryptocurrency is far safer than any paper currency and isn't dependent on any government or central bank. It therefore cannot be affected by inflation. The value of a cryptocurrency is dependent on demand and supply. Currently, the cryptocurrency with the highest value is the bitcoin.

Fake Prophets Exposed, …A Pastor's Account Of Their Activities

Some of the things they do; there is an arrangement. May be the man does not have enough spiritual insight, so he makes a physical arrangement. For example, a programme is being announced and he is invited to preach; he hires some people about two or three, who would come to your place for about one month in advance. They will come and try to identify some big men there and look at their cars. They copy the car numbers and all the information they can get, so when the man comes into the place, you know in most other churches, like my own, you have programme of activities, you have names of people, you can pick Mr. B to pick some of these things and trace it to the owner of the car. They do this when they want to raise money.

Experts Set 2035 Target For TB Eradication

About 18 years stand between Nigeria and the last trace of the infectious tuberculosis (TB) disease, barring the unforeseen. This is because the country has set 2035 as target for the total eradication of the ailment from the shores of the land, while disease control experts are advocating for a high-level summit on TB for Rivers State in line with a global summit on the disease planned for Moscow, the Russian capital, later this year.

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